Arpeggiator VST Plugins

MATRIX™ -  programable pattern arpeggiator™

MATRIX™  Pattern-based VST-MIDI-arpeggiator by the grid-input, and with a pattern generator. It generate more than 200,000 patterns of music efficiently easily. and you can easily access a pattern which you image.

"Linear-Mortion-Algorythm™" realizes the smooth arpeggio line which does not occur note-leaps with a change of an input chord.

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SynArp™ -  Snake Line Arpeggiator™

Snake Line Arpeggiator™ VST-MIDI-arpeggiator which enabled line generation  by the unique idea that before did not have.

Actually, while you are playing a few chords easily on musical instrument , "Synarp" generates  a line as if you do a high solo performance.

"Linear-Mortion-Algorythm™" realizes a smooth arpeggio line without  note-leaps.                                                         

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ArpLite2™ (ArpLite2-free)

ArpLite2™  VST Arpeggiator which can synchronize to a host-daw. and ArpLite2-free equipped with basic function.

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Midi VST Plugins


I-Func™  Midi-Input-Utility consists of two functions.

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Fx VST Plugins

Vertigo™ - Multi Modulation Delay

Vertigo™   In any case Vertigo™ produce the inviting stereo space.

An effective effect is not provided by "reverb" and "Delay" or those combinations, in the case of sound like a long tone with a weak attack.

In another cases, sounds become heavy in using reverbs. but not to want to emphasize repetition in simple substance Delay line.

In such a case Multi-Modulation Delay shows a maximum effect.

Vertigo™ is equipped with three diplophase stereo modulation Delays by reverse phase modulation.

vertigo™ covers up to simulation of three-head-tape-echoe with wow-flutter effect from a solid stereo chorus / ensemble effect.


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