MATRIX™ -  programmable pattern arpeggiator™


MATRIX is aide for track making by a pattern based arpeggio.

Pattern making by a 12x32 grid, It supplies an unlimited numerical arpeggio pattern By a pattern editor.

You can make an arpeggio pattern with a grid freely, and a rest (a rest) is effective, too.

With a pattern generator, matrix generate various patterns based on 2 to 8 notes blocks in a grid.

By 4-parameters selected well, you can generate an effective pattern    efficiently and easily.

A pattern variation of a block comprising N-notes has number of the factorial of N each, it become a total of 45,264 patterns only with an original form. and with a combination, it become an enormous number of patterns. and you can handle it as a pre-set pattern.

Furthermore, you can make an original pattern with an infinite combination by editing with a pattern operator of the grid upper part.

Others, unique harmonic canon effect, As for the recorder, it cope with editing of midi-file unit on DAW software.



In the case of approximate Arppegiator with simple algorithm, accompanied with a occurrence of an note-leaps with a change of an input chord.

As this reason, it pronounce  input note (reffer to a list) in specific order simply.

As well as it,there is the kind that used re-trigger for as these measures.

In the case of this algorithm, deal with "change of an input chord" by giving "re-trigger"(reset) every note-on information.

However, in this case, an arpeggio line is reset with every "re-trigger" (a chord change), and a natural line form breaks off.

These are the same even about arpeggiator in main DAW software.

“Linear-Mortion-Algorhythm(L.M.A)”solves these problems.

L.M.A does return position-information of pronounced note by referring to a list at every pronunciation (trigger),

then calculate the next note based on the position-information and appoint it.

The smooth arpeggio-line in the real-time which is not affected by a change of an input chord is enabled by this.

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