ArpLite2 (ArpLite2-free)

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ArpLite2 treat an input chord as one block, and generate an arpeggio by expanding a block with an octave.


Choose a range of an arpeggio among 1-5 octaves.


Set the amount of octave of an arpeggio in a range of a +-2 octave.


Switch it on, the order of input-notes-block is just reflected by an arpeggio.


Switch it on, sort an input notes for all octaves.

When a range of a input-note-block is beyond an octave, an arpeggio sequence changes.


Reverse a form of an arpeggio.


Make an arpeggio a form in palindo.


It is a simple random pattern.

[Bpm]/[Sync](except free-version)

Tempo (bpm) setting, Sync to a host.


Set Quantize of an arpeggio.

[Duration %]

Set note-Duration in percentage of a Quantize set point.

[mono-tie](except free-version)

Mono-phonic pronunciation, the consecutive same note is tied up.

[input-hold](except free-version)

Hold the input notes.


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