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Development environment

Windows XP Home Edition 5.1.2

Pentium(R)4 2.80GHz

1.00 GB RAM


Synarp products was built by  Cycling'74 Max/MSP.

Pluggo Runtime is necessary to use Synarp plug-ins.

MATRIX™/Snake Line Arpeggiator™ is shareware.


Limit for Trial Version

For using the SynArp Trial version, there are the following limits;

MATRIX™/Snake Line Arpeggiator™

1) works for 20 minutes.

2) plays silence by a mute every few seconds .

3) load/save of a midi file is not possible.

4) limit 5 of the number of step.(Matrix only)


Environmental confirmation

In the case of the purchase of regular version by payment, i ask you carry out operation-check in a trial version each.

As for The regular version, it just only removed the function restrictions mentioned above each.

When any kind of question you have, please refer with a Form before payment.

(On this occasion, please refer to following Disclaimer)


Software registered with, a future update is free.


About Payment

SynArp send the following by Registration.

1. [password] for Regular Version installer.

2. [ID number] that is necessary in the installation for update version.


After confirmation of Paypal payment, SynArp send installer pasword/ID to your e-mail address.


● Copyright Notice

The Software in this site is Copyright © 2006 SynArp, all rights reserved.

You may not use, copy, modify, translate, sell, or transfer the Software or any copy.

● An immunity from responsibility matter

As for the malfunction that occurred by use of SynArp software, SynArp is not to bear any kind of responsibility in SynArp.

● About support,revision,version up

As for the revision or version-up, SynArp carry it out without a notice anytime, but it is not a kind of guarantee.

It is announced at any time on this site.

As for the support, SynArp carry it out according to free will in a possible scope. However SynArp does not carry duty/responsibility for support of these software.

After having been based on the above, SynArp welcome a report, a question, an request about synarp software.

It is a policy to correspondence in a possible scope.

● About a link

SynArp link free and welcome a link to this homepage.


As for the above-mentioned matter, please from the following form.

SynArp support Form

Privacy Policy

SynArp committed to protecting your privacy about e-mail address and other personal information.

Copyright (c) 2006 SynArp

SynArp Registration


programable pattern arpeggiator™

(Regular Version)



$25.00 USD


Snake line Arpeggoator™

(Regular Version)



$25.00 USD





$10.00 USD


Multi Modulation Delay

(Regular Version)

(coming soon)


$-.-- USD

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