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SynArp suggests one evolution form of arpeggiator in VST plugin form on the site.You will find the VST Plugins that are useful and effective for various music track making in DAW Software.


As the slightly conceptual topic, (at first glance) bipolar elements called "monotony and complexity" are often said as a basic concept of the music.

As if "motif and development", "Unity and Variety" as so on..

We can see the same concept even through "serial music" of the 20th century from "Bach" of the 16th century.

Rhythm of melodic contour line may become the particularly characteristic element in this topic.

"monotony and complexity" - The balance of the series of tones that a person hears with interest is between them.

"similar, but different some" makes a moderate "sense of rhythm and expanse"

for instance, "1/f", or the field of mathematics called " fractal" is to capture a statement of nature, and able to see such a thought even in them.

As for the thing which is "Totally random", it surely expresses one "feeling", However,"A sense of rhythm and expanse" between "monotony and complexity" is one of thoughts of devising these Arpeggiator.

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