Form of a characteristic arpeggio-line to draw of Snake-line-Arpeggiator™ is made by turn-up automation™ - it does turn-up a direction of an arpeggio-line with note-on/off, and the random pulse information that can set density.

Furthermore,Auto-quantize changing quantize with the number of the input notes, and  note-hold  with pedal control, Snake-Line-Arpeggiator™ generate unique arpeggio line more interactively by a combination of these functions.

The arpeggio-line to run through as drawing a fluent curve without note-leaps was enabled by a combination with Linear-Mortion-Algorhythm™.


In the case of approximate Arppegiator with simple algorithm, accompanied with a occurrence of an note-leaps with a change of an input chord.

As this reason, it pronounce  input note (reffer to a list) in specific order simply.

As well as it,there is the kind that used re-trigger for as these measures.

In the case of this algorithm, deal with "change of an input chord" by giving "re-trigger"(reset) every note-on information.

However, in this case, an arpeggio line is reset with every "re-trigger" (a chord change), and a natural line form breaks off.

These are the same even about arpeggiator in main DAW software.

“Linear-Mortion-Algorhythm(L.M.A)”solves these problems.

L.M.A does return position-information of pronounced note by referring to a list at every pronunciation (trigger),

then calculate the next note based on the position-information and appoint it.

The smooth arpeggio-line in the real-time which is not affected by a change of an input chord is enabled by this.


with mp3 samples

-  More interactively -

By taking play-feel very easily, You may enjoy among balance of instrument-control and an accidental-nature on S.L.A.


- Seamless and Smoothness -

The smoothness by Linear-Mortion-Algorythm™ expresses a single line jazz piano style,drived guitar line etc.. with  mono-mode.

smoothness (16sec)

metal-run (22sec)

- Turn-up automation™ -

Turns of an arpeggio line by note- on/off information expresses various play based on a performance of poly-strings instrument such as a koto or a harp with poly-mode.

smooth_and_turns1 (21sec)

smooth_and_turns2 (22sec)

- Auto quantise / hold and modulation -

Auto quantise changes quantise of an arpeggio line in correspondence with the number of key you played.

It changes in gradual more by adding slope value.

Furthermore, pedal-hold with moduration or a pitch bend  express a extreme drived guitar solo performance with arm-bar.

divisions (24sec)

hold_and_Arm (47sec)

metal-session.mp3 (21sec)


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